Making the smallest and thinnest possible Metal Dome
Supporting the world with insert molding



Automotive insert molding

We do integrated production with a focus on automotive sensor cases, including design, proposal, molding, and production.

Automotive insert molding and assembly

We assemble electronic parts into insert molded products, so that we can supply high quality, low cost products.

Metal Dome (disc spring)*(Precision Press)

Commonly known as a metal dome (disc spring). We constantly develop new products, including the world’s smallest, long-life, long-stroke, and supply these to the world.



Precision insert molding die

Mold manufacturing technology that minimizes burring and degassing structure die technology.


Precision Press

An introduction to our thin material press, starting from 20 μm thickness, and automotive insert molding press technology.

Chitose Cutting Edge Molding Factor

Our state-of-the-art insert molding factory, located 10 minutes drive from New Chitose Airport.