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Product Information

Automotive insert molding

We do integrated production with a focus on automotive sensor cases, including design, proposal, molding, and production.

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Automotive insert molding and assembly

We assemble electronic parts into insert molded products, so that we can supply high quality, low cost products.

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Metal Dome (disc spring)*(Precision Press)

Commonly known as a metal dome (disc spring). We constantly develop new products, including the world’s smallest, long-life, long-stroke, and supply these to the world.

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Thin Material Precision Press Processing

We specialize in producing small parts including leaf springs, clips, contacts for electronic parts, and the like, using various ultra-thin materials※1.
We provide low-cost, high-quality products, using ultra high-speed rotation presses※2 for mass production.

※1. Plate thickness: ≥ 20 μm, Materials: SUS, phosphor bronze, brass, etc.
※2. We have several tens of presses in the 30 to 45 ton range, 700 – 1,000spm.

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